Web design & development

since 2008


  • user interface strategy --> custom coding


  • original designs | professional imaging


  • content writing | SEO | target campaigns

Based in beautiful Pocatello, Idaho, 3Polars provides original web design, custom coded applications, and web site maintenance plans.

Photo: © Steve Gibbs

What I do

I develop custom functionality according to my clients' needs and style them for perfectly seamless integration. Here are just some of the functions or web applications I have been involved in developing. Have a new idea or concept? I'd love to hear about it!

  • Event calendars:
    user/admin submitted events, approval systems
  • Booking & reservation systems:
    hotels, campgrounds, convention centers, etc
  • Bulk SMS:
    Scheduled text marketing with analytic reporting, activity monitoring, list building, and marked sales goals. 100% client managed!
  • Newsletters:
    Grow your own system! Build your list, manage subscribers, and have your mails come from your own domain.
  • Customer relations management (CRM):
    w/ broad applications! (tourism, lodging, salons, auto repair, etc)
  • Mapping applications:
    categorized attractions, geolocal, user defined trip planning/directions
  • Membership & online communities:
    user profiles, ratings, reviews, featured content, chat, etc
  • Social media applications:
    feed sorting/filtering, autoposting, polls/surveys, ad campaigns
  • Restaurant management
    tracking food & labor costs, overhead, staff schedules, marketing strategies, menu planning, and more.
  • Ecommerce/Shopping carts:
    Depending on requirements, I can start with simple Wordpress systems like WooCommerce or Shopify, more complete frameworks like ECT or Magento, or I can develop an enterprise-level proprietary system just for your business. Custom functions like real-time inventory, affiliate sales, drop-shipping, coupons/purchase reward systems and more can be used to increase sales and ease labor costs. Just ask!
  • Invoice & billing systems:
    for small to med service-based businesses or self-employed
  • Business directories:
    turnkey operations, autosignups, autopay, mapping/directions
  • SEO tools:
    automated system monitoring analytics, Moz, Alexa, IP, server & domain health, backlinks, inbound links and more under one dashboard.
  • Data entry, cataloging, sorting:
    fast storage & retrieval systems, high cap on cloud hosting
  • Classified/buy-sell systems
    w/ automatic payment dispersions, mapping, profiles, etc
  • Ad display systems
    w/ affiliate sales and reporting, autopay, auto-renewals, link checking
  • Order >> Delivery apps
    easy order- safe pay, mapped deliveries, sales reports on demand
  • Cattle and livestock management
    tracking animal/herd performance, profit/loss, health and vet, feed management, etc. They even put GPS tags on the cows!
  • Content management systems (CMS):
    An average chimp can install a Wordpress theme and download some plugins to patch together a website. But if you're serious about your content and require something more professional, ask me about custom written Wordpress themes & plugins, or how a true enterprise-level CMS can help you rise above your amateur competitors.

Who I am


Steve Gibbs

I’m an independently contracted web developer/designer based in Pocatello, Idaho primarily concentrating on UI design, branding, and visual marketing creatives. I have extensive web development and management experience in an agency environment, and a solid professional background in commercial photography and graphic design.

I also create original HTML templates, Wordpress themes, and PHP plugins to sell in 3rd party marketplaces.


the close up...

Dad • foodie • die-hard skier

I've always been involved with art & design in some way or another. I have a degree in photography, a passion for the unusual, and sometimes I dream in CSS.

After 337 wedding events and thousands of portraits & studio setups, I walked away from my career in commercial photography to pursue a closet-obsession for programming and graphic design. I've been able to combine my expertise in professional imaging with advanced coding and layout projects. I love what I do. And here I am.

Why hire me?

It's simple. I don't have agency overhead, but I have the experience and resources. I provide professional web development & creative services at reasonable rates. No cut-n-paste hacks. No empty promises.


Monitor work tickets, job progress, invoicing/payments, estimates, etc from anywhere with an intuitive project management system.


Miss a beat & your customers will call you on it. My holistic evaluation results in a complete, branded platform ready for expansion.


Growth & development projections, maintenance plans, and regular analytic reports are just the beginning.


Pragmatic design and development based on real-world problems and solutions. Leave the froo-froo at home and put on some grown up pants for this.


Even as a wee lad, my hands were always gripped on a camera or covered in paint, charcoal or some other masterpiece medium. But now I don't draw on walls.


I simply love what I do. From straight-up, hardline coding to creative design and branding development. I love it all.

"By the time you realize you didn't want another slow, generic Wordpress template, you've already bought one..."

Wordpress is great for some scenarios, but there is no all-in-one solution in web development. Ask me about faster, cleaner and smarter options that exist beyond the beginner's plug and play stuff. You might be surprised by what else is out there!